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It's easy! You input the sizes and materials, MaxCut does the rest! Produce optimized cutting diagrams, generate cost estimates, purchase orders and labels - it's just one click away.


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With MaxCut we like to keep things simple - we have 2 editions of the software, with 2 feature sets.

Feature Name
Community Edition (Free)
Business Edition
Presaved Library Items
Restricted to 8
Parts allowed per project
Quantities allowed per part
Material Cost vs Selling Price Comparisons
Custom Blade Thickness per Sheet Material Type
Accurate Holes & Grooving Detail for Panels
Mass change selected items by Material, Part Tag, Dimension, etc
Customize reports to include your Company Logo
MaxCut Advertising removed from all Reports/Labels
No time delayed start up screen when opening the program
Grouping and Ungrouping of items
Optimize Waste or Time to Cut
Copy / Paste to and from Excel
File Export
Calculate Edge Banding
Create Customer Proposals
Pricing Tool
Shared Materials (multi-users)
Raw Materials Import
Free Download
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Community Edition is free and contains all the features necessary for a hobbyist or business starting out to generate accurate cutting diagrams, estimates and costings.

Business Edition is paid for and has all the features of the Community Edition and several more advanced features that are aimed at saving an established business time.


If you have a question or are experiencing an issue, please check our support center to see if your question has already been answered. If you are still not able to resolve your issue there are additional support channels listed on the support site.