MaxCut Business Features Explained

Business Edition users get several features not available in the Community Edition. Below are some of the features Business Edition users get to enjoy.

Unlimited Library Items

Library items is a feature where you can pre-save a collection of input items (panels, hardware, edging) under a single library name. Then, instead of having to manually enter each component to an order, you can simply select a library item and MaxCut will add all the associated input items as a single group.

This feature is extremely useful when creating jobs for "built up" products (i.e. Cupboards, Tables, etc).

MaxCut Business Edition supports an unlimited number of library items.

Material Cost vs Selling Comparisons

For each material you can enter both a cost and selling price. The cost price is the price that you purchase the material for. The selling price is the price that you sell the material for.

When viewing a summary for a job, additional columns are shown displaying the cost price for each material as well as the profit.

Accurate Holes & Grooving Detail for Panels

In the Business Edition of MaxCut you can indicate holes and grooving on D├ęcor Panels, Doors etc.

This information is populated on Optimization Diagrams, Cutting Lists and Part Labels. It can also be exported to CNC Machines via the DXF tool.

For a detailed explanation of how holes and grooving work view their relevant support pages - 'Holes on input panels', 'Grooving on input panels'

Custom Blade Thickness per Sheet Material Type

Specify custom blade thickness per material type. With MaxCut Community Edition you can specify only one blade thickness which is used across all sheet material types.

In Business Edition you are able to 'override' the blade thickness for any specific sheet material type. This is useful if you have different blade thickness's for panel and beam saws and you cut certain materials on different machines.

Mass change selected items by material, part tag, dimension, etc

The Community Edition allows you to mass change all items in a job by materials. A Bonus Business edition feature allows you to mass change a group of selected items by material, part tag, dimension.

This is extremely useful when making customizations to a single grouped item in a job (i.e. a cupboard or constructed unit) and saves tons of time.

Add Your Logo to Quotes and Invoices

Create professional looking quotes and invoices for clients that include your company logo or letterhead..

Start up Advertising Removed

When opening the Community Edition of MaxCut you are presented with a start-up advertising screen.With the Business Edition of MaxCut this irritating screen is removed and you go straight into the program.

MaxCut Advertising Removed From All Reports and Labels

All reports and labels in the Community Edition of MaxCut have advertising the MaxCut website included on them. This advertising is removed from the business edition of MaxCut v2 giving reports a clean professional look.